Aquila Adalberti and the Art of Living

I have been asked how it feels to be back on the parquets again. I reply in this fashion:

Behold, the Spanish imperial eagle (Aquila adalberti)! These noble animals pass their days in a state of high excitement that humans cannot comprehend. To be sure, it is in some ways unenviable. If the bird does not succeed in catching prey, it dies. Further, the proud beasts must be infinitely perplexed by modern distractions like automobiles, airplanes, and the type of execrable Spanish hip-hop that El Chacho insists on blaring.

Yet even so, the imperial eagle is infinitely more ALIVE than we can imagine! That is, take your very finest feeling… perhaps you drank an espresso, purchased new zapatos, and then spent a sublime time with a loved one. Your every fiber is aware, each nerve tingles, the world is infinitely fascinating… and that is how the Spanish imperial eagle feels EVERY moment of its life.

This also describes my sensations when I slam-dunked on Dwight Howard. ¡Pum!

Spanish imperial eagle from here.

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