My Highlights... and Innovation!

It has been so long since I set foot onto hard wood, I feel as if my rookie seasoning has started anew.

And as these basketball highlights reveal, I am most anxious for my flip-flop back to regular play!

1.) Executing a missed lay-up on Dante Cunningham in practice.

2.) Stealing the ball from an inattentive Brandon Roy. (Admittedly, the ball was not in play at the time!)

3.) Keeping a wary eye on the Blazer Dancers during Rose Garden matches. (LaMarcus Aldridge has informed me that these lithe dryads may try to steal our plays —and hearts!— during team time-outs.)

But there is one good thing that has come from my free timings. I have been able to engage in innovations long on the backburner. Take my modular shoe! Designed for the Mallorcan hoopster, it allows engagement in pick-me-up games, followed by romantic strolls on sandy shores!

Rudy card from All Your Base Cards, shoe foto from here.


  1. Hey Rudy,

    The link about the show is not working. Do u have a detailed link? Seems to be a interesting innovation.

    Hope u can play tonight

    Jason L.


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