Putting One's Shot on the Block

Few basketball matters are more dispiriting than the shot blockings. It is that moment when a defender dismisses his competitor as inadequate...in front of a crowd of thousands!

The other side of this coin is the satisfaction of rebuffing a noted rejector of shots, as I do here with Andrei Kirilenko. (Martell Webster calls the Russian "Lankenstein," a reference that Mary Shelley might enjoy!)

But as with so many matters, avoiding a shot-blockage is simple: The shooter simply needs to leap high enough so that his defender is unable to extend to the same point. As Michael Jordan displays here, once the technique is mastered, anyone can perform it! (Gimlet-eyed observer Robert Runyon, Esquire, notes Jordan's unusual zapatos: Converse!)
Of course, this same method works close to the rim as well!
Rudy foto from here, MJ from here.

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