Divine Entertainments?

Observe the fox stalking a hare. It is fascinating, yes? For despite your hare (or fox!) sympathies, there are elements of entertainment in the varied fortunes of beasts.

Or so Sergio maintains. (He is an avid watcher of the Animal Planet!)

Now, consider our team's plight. With Steve Blake's recent admission to the hospital for neumonía, we subtract as many as eight players from the usual Trail Blazer rotations.

Could it be that a superior being of some kind watches OUR plight with amusement? I do not refer to Antonio Banderas, but rather to an omnipotent power who alters fate for its own reality programming.

If you find this overly fanciful, let me ask: How else can you explain the presence of this Pau Gasol impersonator? (I feel better about my commands of the English after reading his site!)

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