Andre Miller: ¡Usted, Mi Amigo, Debe Celebrar!

After scoring the science-fictional estadística of 52 points on the Mavericks in Dallas, Andre Miller entered our locker chamber with a spirit of matter-of-factness. Despite repeated entreaties to celebrate or even smile about the matter, Andre insisted merely, "We won."

I tried to speak reason to him: "Will you really take all your conquests, glories, triumphs, and spoils and shrink them to this tiny measure?"

Silence overcame the room as the Stranger considered my words. And then he danced a shuffling jig as we cheered! (And later, Nic Batum noted that —just as during the match— at no time did both of Andre's feet leave the floor.)
Miller foto from here.


  1. So when you hit your first over 50 point game - how will you react?

    I'm thinking one hand with five fingers up, the other in shape of 0.

    Maybe with Pau crying in amazement as he walks off court too.

  2. This is an awesome comment. Kudos to you, mi amigo.


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