Remembrance of Dance Moves Past

Last night's successful opposition to the Timberwolves gave me warm remembrances of our previous match against them in Minnesota.

Following that match, our team left Minnesota's chamber of lockers and boarded a bus bound for the airport. As always, Sergio brought his laptopping with him. (He writes bloggings and e-mailings constantly!)

Time passed, and it became apparent the bus was not moving. (Later, we would learn of a problem with its motor.) Our delay extended, Sergio’s eyes now twinkled. An avid observer of opportunism, Sergio cued up the finest in Spanish hip-hop for our mates. As complaints volleyed (“Let’s hear some Johnny Mathis!” shouted Nate McMillan), Sergio rolled in the glee.

Nudging me, Sergio said, “Look at this.” Fantastic! He had cued up a song and instantly I was reminded me of hearing its words as a youth on Majorca:

Dale a tu cuerpo
alegria Macarena
Que tu cuerpo es

pa’ darle alegria y cosa buena

¡La Macarena! Sergio increased the song’s volume, and its rhythms washed over us. From there, my remembrances blur, but I know Sergio and I leapt to our feet in the aisle of the stranded landcraft. There our dance began!

Each word of La Macarena was sung loudly, each move of the dance was busted with flamboyant agility... But of course, the song poses no difficulty for any Majorcan. As stated (Yogurt and the Internet), all children from my home island easily dance the Flamenco, the Merengue, the Salsa, the Mambo, the Cha-cha-cha, and the Rumba. The simplicity of Macarena’s moves are such that Sergio was able to pursue my lead adequately. One could not have better choreographed a moment of national pride. Truly, it was a rousing tribute!

After our third performance of La Macarena, Sergio bowed to our personnel's hoots and allow someone else the aisle. Jerryd Bayless came forth to defend the honor of American tunefulness. After a consultation, Jerryd sang and danced to "Thriller" (of Michael Jackson’s repertoire).

Sergio exchanged knowing looks. A zombie anthem?! Inauspicious choice! Glancing back, I could see Nate McMillan having the same thoughts. “You should have played ‘Chances Are,’” he said ruefully.

¡La Macarena fue la Victoria!
(Team announcer Mike Barrett's accounting of the Macarena Incident can be found here.)

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  1. I would love to see the moves of you and Sergio on the dance floor. There are several salsa dancing places in the city...hope to see you out sometime.


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