Mini-Bobblehead Schadenfreude

Just as teams fiercely compete between each other, so are their rivalries within each of them.

Yet fortune smiles upon the Trail Blazers, as none of my mates hoist bloated conceits about. But it is only normal to sometimes feel twinges of the envy, however illogical, for one's compatriots.

So it was with Brandon Roy’s mini-bobbleheaded replica. As stated (“Yo Estoy Bobbleheaded”), making a plastic replica of a person with an oversized head on a spring is a high honor for any Trail Blazer. So imagine the laurels available for the mini-bobbleheaded iPhone entity. With a shake of the iPhone device, Brandon Roy’s head bequeaths bobbles. It nods and shakes with enthusiasm!

When Jarryd Bayless came through the plane showing this marvel, I watched my associates for their reactions. There was no mistaking some envious glances, quickly averted. Those of us with existing three-dimensional bobbleheads felt diminished by this tiny Brandon Roy. (And those with no replica of any kind were perhaps entirely dwarfed?)

But Bayless’s iPhone suddenly seized up, and Roy’s mini-bobbling ceased. As Bayless retired to his seat and jabbed at his controls in consternation, the rest of us all perhaps felt some mini-bobblehead schadenfreude.

And as for the real, non-mini-bobbleheaded Brandon Roy? He napped through the entire episode!

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