An Unholy Alliance of Spaniards

It's a relaxing evening as I am walking the streets of Palma de Mallorca. Sangria spills onto the cobblestones, and the clamor of a dozen different tongues fills the air. But only one thought makes up the filling of my mind:

Fernando Alonso has announced himself as the sponsor of Alberto Cantador’s cycling team next year!

Since Contador’s Tour de France victory is assured, this will create an unholy alliance of two of Spain’s best-known athletes. (That is, if one considers either race-car driving or bumper pool to be sports!)

As a popularity Internet indexing of Spaniards shows (right), the Alonso/Contador bloc is in the top 20 already. And while Pau may be trailing at numero 25, you can imagine how I feel about barely eking out superiority over a coach and a sculptor!

That means that my work has been chiseled out for me. It will be no easy task to wrest the title of Spain’s best-beloved sportsman away from Contador's odious axis of excellence. So I need to get out and glad-hand the fanbase!

Further, I must shape myself into spectacular cardiovascular condition for the upcoming Eurobasket championships.

I am not there at the present. In fact, as I run, I have found that I seem to be missing a lung. (Please inform me if you find it.)
Alonso/Contador from the Guardian,
Rudy foto by David Cameron.

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