Opening Up to Say "Naah"

My healthiness is of utmost concerns to both my mates and the NBA officialdom. You see, our fresh point guard, Andre Miller, sidled up to me during practice yesterday. Pointing to Ime Udoka, Brandon Roy, Nic Batum, and Martell Webster, he asked, “Look at them, Rudy. When are you going to get any ticks?

This raised my concerns over Lyme disease. Are my mates carriers of this dread disease? Is it a matter of time and contagion before I also get the ticks?

Further, according to this news report is commencing a crackdown on handshaking. It could lead to a pandemic! The most sanitary greetings amongst players are chest bumpings and fist poundings. These methods are now being encouraged over clasping digits with another. Not only will this reduce any possible cases of H1N1, but it may also help eradicate the ticks.

Adición: Greg Oden has brought to my attention that “getting ticks” is parlance for “obtaining playing time.” This casts matters in a new light. Miller was asking how much playing time I could obtain with our seeming surfeit of small forwards.

And it leads to the question: Is Andre Miller a merchant of discord? And do such merchants divide and conquer both their mates and their hairs?

Rudy foto from the Oregonian, Miller by Casey Holdahl.

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