A Phone Call from Sacramento

Sergio: Good news, my friend!

Me: You will be a starter this year?

Sergio: Well… this Tyreke Evans is slightly better than I had planned. But something nearly as auspicious!

Me: You will be his back-up?

Sergio: Perhaps, but no. To make pursuits of Spanish-speaking fans, the NBA’s officious “éne-bé-a” website is now functional.

Me (going on the mainline): I have Googled it! But why the curious spelling?

Sergio: A marketing Svengali assumed that this is how Spanish-speakers mouth the “NBA” acronym. Either that, or it is an obscure pig Latin reference.

Me: And to think we were criticized for our Olympic team photo.

Sergio: Do not be detoured from the magnificence of this development. Look, there are player profiles and special sales sections!

Me: Indeed… take a check out on the jerseys that are offered! There’s Gasol, of course—

Sergio: Ginobili… Calderon... hmm, perhaps we should go to another page—

Me: Wait, there is a Francisco Garcia jersey! They have been very diligent to select your mate.

Sergio: Yes, his most notable accomplishment has been breaking his arm while on an inflated ball. And now let us visit a different part of the site—

Me: Wait, neither of us are represented here!

Sergio: It seems to be an oversight, yes.

Me: The marketing Svengali says éne-bé-a, but I say he should be burning in perdición!

Sergio: Perhaps it is time for your back therapy. Do you have a large inflatable ball?

Me: How did you know? Thanks for the perspective —and the chortle— my friend.

Sergio: Adios from the best point guard in the éne-bé-a!

Me: Wait! You mean Andre Miller is there with you?

Sergio: Oh, the snap!

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