¡Hemos Hecho!

Smiles blossom on all of the faces... The deadly line has passed!


  1. I am glad you both are here to stay. Playoffs will be more pressure than chalupas. Get ready to work those clever passes on court. And talk Spanish on court a lot to confuse your opponents, too.

  2. Rudy I'm glad Sergio didn't get traded. Hopefully he can prove to coach that he is very valuable. Keep up the good work because it's about to get a lot tougher. The games coming up to the playoffs are going to be hard so get ready and keep kickin' butt.

  3. I know this is not really Rudy posting on here, but is everything thing writin on here they exact same thing Rudy said on his Spanish blog, or do you add some words? Thanks, im just wondering.

  4. This blog began life as an English translation of the Spanish-language blog entries that Rudy Fernandez provided to one of his homeland’s newspapers.

    Rudy made weekly entries, but they eventually dried up. At that time, this blog began supplementing Rudy’s Spanish entries with seemingly "original" material.

    That is, this “Blog de Rudy” was no longer translating Rudy's entries, but was rather expressing the thoughts of celebrity known as Rudy Fernandez AS IF he were actually writing them.

    That's when “hypothetical & unofficious” became part of this blog's heading.

    In the interim, the "real" Rudy has begun blogging in Spanish (along with Sergio; the link is on this page), and this blog is again translating those entries, with links back to the original posting.

    These translation are not literal, but they are "liberal"; that is, Rudy's Spanish postings are edited down somewhat, but their gist seems to remain.

  5. The ratio seems to be 3:1 or so in terms of original blogging to Rudy's translations. (Sort of like music sampling, I guess!)

    Whatever the ratio, it's funny as all get-out.

  6. I freaking love this blog, it makes me smile a lots!


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