Yogurt and the Internet

Sergio and I practice together. We call plays together. (Although not always the same one!) And now, we also are Ceremonial Masters together.

Last night, Sergio and myself presented honorifics at the Oregon Sports Awards. From the podium, we named provincial athletes and they came forward to applause.

Sergio is most natural in this role of the Ceremonial Master. He joked, teased me, and told tales of his homeland in the Canary Islands. Many Americans have odd views of this archipelago. Sergio explained that his home is named for its dogs, the islands' canines, not for little birds.

The raptness of his listeners led Sergio to his joking ways. He said that yogurt and the Internet were invented in the Canary Islands. (I know this not to be true, as both come from Wallachia.)

But the provincial audience seemed to enjoy his chat. If we are invited back next year, perhaps I can be informing them of the wonders of my home in Majorca. There, all children can easily dance the Flamenco, the Merengue, the Salsa, the Mambo, the Cha-cha-cha, and the Rumba.

If a child is not proficient in these, we exile him to the Canary Islands.

Oh, a zinger for Sergio!


  1. Hey Bart,

    I'm trying to understand this. This is your thoughts on Rudy would have said -- is this right?

    Very entertaining either way!


  2. I have the same question as "Mookie." Are these your musings about Rudy's thoughts and would-be statements?

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  4. As I understand it, this blog began as an English translation of the Spanish-language blog entries that Rudy Fernandez provided to one of his homeland’s newspapers.

    He made weekly entries, but they seem to have dried up since the beginning of the slam dunk campaigning. Over the course of that time, this blog began supplementing Rudy’s Spanish entries with seemingly "original" material.

    That is, this “Blog de Rudy” was no longer translating Rudy's entries (which didn’t exist), but seemed rather to be expressing the thoughts of the public persona known as Rudy Fernandez AS IF he were actually writing them.

    Which he isn’t.

    I’m pretty sure.

    Hence the “hypothetical & unofficious” part of its heading.


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