Next Year, the Triples Competition

With my current exhaustions, I realize the mental power that individual athletes who play sports. They have no mates to diffuse the attentions of the media. This makes Rafa Nadal the best Spanish sportsmen of all time, if not the best of ALL sportsmen.

(Sergio, you are not even running in this competition!)

A few dregs are in my mind regarding the slam dunk contest. As to the first, I think I deserved more dunk points from judges, but what pleases me most is that other players have stated the same thing (like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook).

The American press has also opined in the same direction and everyone who crossed me in the street congratulated me and made support offers.

And now, I will give you a scoop: Yesterday, I submitted to the Commissars of Competition that if I have good field goal percentage rates next season I have a wish to participate in the Triple Point Contest!
Anuncio original (en español) aquí.

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