The Day Has Arrived...

...when I unveil El Conquistador!

My hope is that this dunk will be of impeccable execution. If it is not, it is only a missed dunking opportunity.

But if El Conquistador goes hitchless, it could restore Spain to its former glory. You think I go too far? Perhaps. If only I could couple it with the Spinning Majorcan Condor Dunk! (But that has been forbidden.)

A file of audio with my commenting about this event in Spanish and English is here. And here is a walking interview after a slam dunk meeting where I give my confession: "I have a little nervous. Is normal."


  1. Rudy you are the man. Go get 'em, I'm hoping so much you have a good showing.

  2. Rudy you did a great job tonight. Too bad the NBA is fixed and they were told before to make sure Nate Robinson got into the final with Dwight Howard. I mean the NBA didn't even make an attempt to hide the fact they rigged this competition. You did the best Rudy, by far. Granted Dwight Howard dunking on a 12' rim is WOW, your dunks were very impressive (I also liked your tribute). Good luck the rest of the year, and make sure you kick Denver's butt next time we play them for JR Smith getting a higher score than you (you got robbed, you're the winner in most people's eyes).

  3. Very good dunks but this was rigged. Even if you had made the 2nd dunk first try, Nate Robinson was going to the finals since he had prepared his kryptonite vs. superman show. The sad part is his first 2 dunks sucked so you deserved to be in the finals :(

  4. The best two dunks of the competition. No props, no garbage like that, just pure skill and a small assist from a fellow Spaniard. You were robbed hardcore.

  5. Oh man Rudy your dunks where awesome best out of all of them. I hope you become one of our starters next season!


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