No More Matador Ideas, Por Favor

There has been a multitude of dunk suggestions, and while I am in appreciation, please: No more matador outfits.

Another notion that has furrowed my Iberian brow is in the Willamette Week. It contains three illustrated vignettes by Casey Jarman and Jonathan Hill. This particular one is an exercise in perplexity:

Five gorgeous female fans are lined along Rudy’s path to the hoop.

He makes out with the first girl as his body splits in two.

Ghost-Rudy perfects a 540-degree no-look dunk while the physical Rudy continues smooching.

The universe implodes.

First, Cristina Fernandez (my girlfriend) frowns on this for reasons of obviousness. Her disapproval of Ghost-Rudy is well known.

Second, why are five girls congregated when my contact is with only one? This is not the sustainable practice Portland is known for.

Finally, Sergio points out that the implosion of all matter should be delayed until after determinations of the dunking contest winner.

Other than that, I like it. (But Ghost-Rudy I can not speak for.)

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  1. ay...el cliché...es más dificil luchar contra el hambre en el mundo que contra el concepto de español-torero. :)


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