Shooting the Records and a Petit Mal

Sergio is a good-humored man, yet it is a rarity to see him having "lost it." But that was the eventuality when he saw this image of Joel Pryzbilla taking a charge last night.

I saw Sergio's shoulders shaking from behind. My belief was that he was having a petit mal. Concerned, I came and saw tears on his face. Amazed, I saw his infection of laughter! When asked what was so funny, he could only point to the photo. It is amusing, yet Sergio's chuckles now bordered on the hysteria.

After my thinking was that he had regained his senses, I asked what all the comedy was about. This only set him off again! Go on and figure it.

In more sensible news, our friend, Jose Calderon, recently missed his first free throw after 87 consecutive makes. This was only 10 short of the all-time NBA record. ¡Felicidades!

As for me, my sinking of a 3-pointer in 29 straight games has made a match of the rookie record for these shots. (This locks me in a tie with Chicago's Kirk Hinrich back in 2003-04.)

Adición: The news of the good is that I did break the rookie record last night in our match against the Warriors. The news of the unfortunate is that we lost the game.

A Final Observation: Despite his stalwart appearance, Corey Maggette apparently has hollow bones! There is no other explanation for how dramatically he plummets to the ground after the lightest of touches. Without calcium supplements, a compounded fracture is in his near future.

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  1. Rudy,

    Thank you for your hilarious blog posts! I laugh myself silly reading them each week. I'm glad you came to Portland and hope your stay here is full of longevity.



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