Allow Me My Small Pleasures

During one of my brief sojourns on the parquet in these playoffings, I witnessed an energetic dunkage by Amare Stoudamire.

The Sun followed suit with an inchoate bellow at his home crowd.

They politely applauded.

Turning to me, the tattooed basilisk cried, “This is MY house!

“My compliments on the décor!” I said warmly.

As Stoudamire gave me an uncomprehending stare and turned to run downcourt, I added, “Though your draperies leave much to be desired.”
Foto by the AP
photo below by britty_d


  1. clever, I must ask though, is it back to the Spanish leagues for you?

  2. This is what the future contains: http://turkey2010.fiba.com/eng


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