Curfews? Gesundheit!

As a callow (but tanned!) youth on Mallorca, I once remained at a poetry recital on the beach until an hour of the night most unseemly. My father chided me upon my return with a familiar line. “When I was your age, my father would not allow me to go out of the house after midnight.”

“Your father’s curfew,” I replied, “seems hardly born of wisdom.”

At this, my padre exclaimed, “He was a far better father than the one you have, you rapscallion!”

There was a pause, and then gales of laughter swept our darkened home. And so, here in the sun-baked perdition of Phoenix, I have restricted myself with my own curfew. I watch tape, take notes, and look to improve on my play in the first match of our playoff series.

And I also write verse! For instance, take note of this recent stanza:
The Phoenix Suns’ frenetic play
Takes on an orange-tinted haze
And on the court, their tattooed ass
Brays and brays and brays.
Rudy foto by Teresa Roca Ramia.


  1. Rudy, I'm sorry but your play in the first 2 games has been terrible...you are a really good player...please get some confidence in your abilities

  2. Okay, I am not one to rail on the postings of others, but, come on "anonymous"--is that anyway to get our boy in fighting shape for Thursday?!


    Rudy, you need to make Nash your bitch tonight. 1 on 1 he can't guard you, and he's a weakness defensively. Post him up, slash to the basket, make him try to get physical with you. It's going to wear him out trying to push you around. I can almost promise that if you cut hard to the rim, Andre will find you. Eitherway, I think you need to adapt that style of aggressive play while you have this start, I think it'll put you in rhythm for your shot. I wish I could be in the Rose Garden tonight, it's going to be insane in there. Just keep shooting, and play hard on defense. If shots don't drop, at least you can take theirs away. GOOD LUCK TONIGHT!!!

  4. RUDY----RUDY-----RUDY----YOU WILL HEAR THE CHANTS AGAIN........I welcome your threes anytime...Hope the sun in PHX reminds you of te sun in SPAIN....perhaps???no??? b/mysistershouse@msn.com ps-I'd welcome a word or visit from you Rudy...My daugter thinks you are the bomb....


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