The Melancholy Passage of Time

I have heard tell that "I'm sorry" are the most difficult words in the English tongue. 

Not so! As someone who celebrated his birthday with family and friends in an empty mansion via Skype, I can tell you that the most difficult English words are feliz cumpleaños.

To alleviate the pain, a thoughtful team of Blazer enthusiasts created this gift to me:
Pardon! This is the correct video:
El Machetero thanks you, mi amigos. If every man is a child of his own deeds, then you have very fine parents!

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  1. What?! A Skype Birthday? That's a travesty! Technology is great, but not a substitute for human interaction. Solo birthdays--I cannot allow these things to continue and vow to bring the paella next April 4th...and cake.


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