For Whom the Chanting Roars

Naturalamente, I have heard it chanted in pavilions in a deep “Ru-dy! Ru-dy!” roar. But in last evening’s match against the Thunder, my ears were treated to a new experience: The assembled enthusiasts in the sold-out arena paid tribute to the superlative Marcus Camby by chanting (go and figure!) “Mar-cus! Cam-by! Mar-cus! Cam-by!

Did this engender jealousy among players who have been with the team longer? (Namely, everyone.) I cannot analyze the minds of colleagues, so I cannot say!

To be sure, there is a pleasing rhythm to names comprised of two syllables, which is why players with surnames like "Pendergraph" should not anticipate moments like this. And how fortunate that no descendant of Madrid financier Don Juan Nepomuceno de Burionagonatotorecagageazcoecha plays for the team. (Chanting his name would result in arrested cardiovascular systems!)
As is known, we may now be pitted against the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs. This is well and good, although I share Lionel Hollins assessment of their court stylings.
Foto by the Oregonian but not the basketball graphic
Oh, and modesty cannot prevent my sharing a personal highlight from Camby's curtain-callings!

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  1. THAT was a GREAT feed RUDY....Have any more?????


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