A Notion Nixed

Advice submissions for my dunking continue arriving. But Nate McMillan, our team instructor, has weighed in and eliminated one thought. This week, he gave me an advisement:

“Just come out of it healthy. Don't be doing cartwheels and all of that.”

So much for the Spinning Majorcan Condor Dunk. And after so much practice! Oh well. I probably would have strained the area between the abdomen and the thigh doing it.

(Adición: Sergio claims the correct word choice is “groin.” This is most unlikely sounding. He overestimates my gullible aspects.)


  1. Rudy, what about a handspring to grab the ball, like in soccer throw the ball to sergio who then does a touch pass for an alley oop! I love that you can and likely will infuse soccer with basketball for this dunk contest!

  2. What of the high kick Rudy? Much love will be showered on the faces of Portland children if you perform well!


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