Miracles of the Pork

With the season mounting in intensity, I must maintain mental and physical discipline. Only events of utmost importance can be allowed to occupy my thoughts!

For instance, José and his ham.

As noted (“Angel Pigs”), José Calderón owns a pig ranch in España. There his acorn-fed animals produce a ham known as jamón Ibérico de bellota. This miracle of the pork has the unique look; it is shipped with the pig’s cloven hoof still attached.

The black hoof signifies a high price; Sergio has noted jamón Ibérico de bellota costs $130 a pound! This price may soon double, as retaliatory tariffs between Europe and the U.S. sweep up José’s cured meats in the crossfire.

Sergio peeks at my blogging. “I love José’s ranch, but what do Spanish hams have to do with us?” he asks.

I give him the meaningful look.

“Oh!” Sergio grins with a realization, and he walks off dribbling three balls at once.

I call after him, “I meant the ham will give us playoff strength!” But Sergio just laughs.


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  2. You are a genius. I hope someone with lots of money realizes this at some point and pays you lots of money to continue this sort of thing (assuming that's not the case already!).

    I am instituting a new daily routine and will now begin my "work" day with your readings. TrueHoop will have to be 2nd. Keep up the great work!

  3. Agreed, I read regularly, this blog is pure gold.

  4. On behalf of faux-Rudy, I thank you for your kind words!


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