Angel Pigs

As earlier revealed (“Jose Brought Us Ham!”), fellow Spaniard Jose Calderon is part-owner of a pig ranch in Villanueva de la Serrena. And as for the ham that derives from his ranch— if pigs lived in heaven, these angel pigs would have hams of a similar quality. As Jose reveals, his pigs only eat walnuts and acorns! This leads to uncanny deliciousness.

Not all NBA players enjoy ham. Kevin Garnett is opposed to it, which has led to bitter words between he and Jose. But some of my mates like Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake enjoy eating of the pigs. So when Jose gave me some of his special pata negra ham upon the Raptors' visit here, and I gave samplings of it to both of them.

Upon tasting Calderon’s cured pork, Travis cried out, “Mercy sakes!”

That is its testament.

Adición: I am sometimes asked if our French player, Nicolas Batum, ever speaks. True, he does keep himself to his own thoughts. But Nic was attending to AllStar Weekend... there he was a commentator for French television!


  1. Thank you for honoring one of Portland's favorite sons, Fernando Martin. The City of Roses will always love #10 and #5.

  2. Hey Rudy - nice of you to be able to share the nba experience with the "little" people.. (90+ % of us are below 6 ft). You were a STUD in the dunk contest, no doubt about it, too bad the Pau /backboard dunk didn't come off on the first try or you would have been in the final.
    Un buen saludo to Sergio- tell him his time will come- keep the faith in himself to continue to work hard on that jumpshot and to remember that his Nash-like abilities will get him to the promised land. You, my friend, are already on your way. Keep the smile- congratulations, Later, Santi


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