Alley Oops and Points on Your Face

The magazine known as Dime has an article detailing the alley-oop experts of the NBA. The top pair listed is Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo. Yes, I will also claim they are talented. But for Garnett to alley oop is not much of a stretch... he is almost 7' tall!

Myself and Sergio Rodgriguez are the next listed pair in the article, and this pleases us. I am barely 6'5" and 185 pounds, but when we have that unspoken thing, I will put it down. You see what I mean?

In news of a less positive tone, my mate Brandon Roy is still out, and we had to play the Lakers recently for the second time this year. For the second time, they crushed us. This saddens me. We have two more chances at them in Portland. In an article earlier in the season, I was asked who I most wanted to play against in the NBA. My answer then is the same as now.

"Pau [Gasol]. I've never played against him, only on the same team. I want to put points on your face."

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