Yo Estoy Bobbleheaded

In Spain, I had heard of the American tradition of bobbleheads. As I understand it, the idea of making a plastic replica of a person with an oversized head on a spring is a very high honor.

Sergio laughed when he saw my bobblehead. (He thinks the jaw is much too big.) As Sergio continued to tease me, I asked to see his bobblehead. At this, he turned away and turned on the karaoke machine. Am I the only European the Trail Blazers have made a bobblehead of?

It turns out this is not the case. Later, Sergio retrieved his bobblehead of yesteryear from the mothballs. Look; he resembles Lance Armstrong in a Blazers outfit!

In additions, a reader tells me the Blazers made a bobblehead of Arvydas Sabonis. He is European.

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  1. yeah Rudy that does not look like U xD I think Andrea Bargnani's bobble head looks more like you and did you know Jose Calderon got bobble hands on his!


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