I Like George Karl

Slapping hands with friendly fans (especially as we visit other arenas!) is a matter of surprise for me. Let me explain to you. As many know, my team in Spain was DKV Joventut.

When I played with my Joventut mates, here is what happened as we left the court: Police clad in gear for riots escorted us into tunnels. These tunnels were wheeled out to cover us from the fans as we went to the locker room. Would they yell unpleasant things? . Would they throw something at us? Perhaps!

They did this for us at home. And away. Away can be scary in Europe. You have seen European soccer fans?

The Joventut gym in Badalona is not the best. I was smiling at the description from Das Bloggy Blog concerning the lack of alcohol available there. But be trusting, to not give Spanish fans options of inebriation is wise. They are excitable enough as it is.

I won the 2006 FIBA EuroCup championships with Joventut. For the Lakers fans, they might know that Coby Karl has just signed with my former Spanish group. I do not know Coby, but I like his padre, George of the Denver Nuggets. He reminds of the fishermen who would get in knife fights on Majorca.

I am a little homesick now.

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  1. Hi Rudy,

    I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I had a great time and hope more tourists will go see La Penya as well. Best of luck in the dunk contest; if you are able to top your dunk in the gold medal game, you will surely win.

    Dustin @ DBB


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