The Born Identity

The Scout Leader for the Blazers is a man named Mike Born. He did the search for a helpful international player, and found me. In this interview here, Born is uncovering that in 2002, a consultant working for the Blazers witnessed my game. 

I was 17. The consultant liked my court actions, even though I took no 3-point shots. Now that is a recollection from long ago!

One thing I am not used to yet is the NBA 3-point line. The international line is 20'6" from the basket, and that is what I knew. But in the NBA it is 23'9". This is a long distance for heaving the ball. The game this evening against the Washington Wizards reinforced the difficulty.

I was 1 for 7 in my 3-point accuracies. Mierda!

A confusion for me in the interview is Born’s reference to my “high BBIQ.” I like that it is high, but it is something unknown. Sergio thinks it might be a reference to my outdoor cooking skills. This seems less than realistic.


  1. http://www.thebbiq.com/methodology/what-is-bbiq.htm

  2. I love your blog Rudy. You have to do this next season also. You are soo funny! I love the behind the scenes commentary I'm definetly a huge fan!


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