I Dunked. You Decided

There is much attention coming my way for the dunk contest. I am believing that much of this is because I am the first international dunker to take place in the Slam Dunk competition. Brandon Roy and I will try to invent something good, but it will be a secret for now.

I am honored, and most graciously thank the fans who helped me to the top. I am told that the tallies were of this nature:
  1. Rudy Fernandez: 251,868 votes,
  2. Russell Westbrook: 147,279
  3. Joe Alexander: 114,963
In the contest, I am not a front-runner. So it is not beyond me that one of the other two rookies would have been better candidates for the dunking. I am not seeing many examples of Joe Alexander, but Russell Westbrook was shot like a projectile the other night.

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  1. Rudy I'm so excited you made the contest!!! I voted for you a ton!! I love watching you dunk in games its awesome!


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