¡Me ayudan a decidir!

There is truth to the words that a contest is being held for dunking notions. This was the idea of my friend, Quique Peinado. My encouragement to submit your brainstorms for the slam dunk event. These ideas can be written in English or Spanish. Or make the videotape of the dunk notion.

Or just draw it.

Yes, I will be the judge of the winner. ¡Buena suerte!

This is a time of prodigious actions of the busy. Yesterday, I was relayed news that Greg Oden and myself will take part in the Rookie game. (Marc Gasol will also be on our team.)

Our coach, Nate McMillan, could see the confusion in my face upon the reception of this. I am in the rookie game? This contradicts my professional playing since teenaged years!

He hastened to me and explained, “Everyone knows you’re not wet behind the ears like the usual rookie." To make the confirmation, I ran a finger behind my ear. It was dry. I nodded in counterfeit understanding and then was distracted by Sergio. He was dribbling three balls at once! Crazy.

Being a Rookie Player is a welcome honorific, but now I have undertaken some concerns. I am in the dunking contest AND partaking in a game. More longterm, I am alone among my mates in having played on an Olympic team this summer. (I do not mention this around Sergio.)

I have morbid imaginings: If my energy is drained to an extent, I can not put my best foot forward. (My left foot is still sore, so my right foot is my best.) I can feel it as a sapping of my confidence. What if I make an unwelcome dunk gaffe?

It is fortunate that I have role modeling for the dunking. This gives me the focus. I must remain resolute as my brain storms on new twists for the contest. I have already had suggestions!

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