Don't Kick Rudy

We had a tough win against the Pistons last night. Travis Outlaw and Jerryd Bayless both had big games. My game was medium-sized. At one stage I was looking at the crowd, and I saw a confusing sign: "Kick Booty, Rudy!"

We play in basketball in sneakers. Why a "booty"? Do they wish to kick me away from the squad? Addendum: I have a sore left foot. Do I need a protective booty?

I was 5-10 from the field (and 3-3 from Three Point Land) against Detroit. Also, I played good defense, and took a rebound away from a Piston at the end so that Travis Outlaw could win the game. He is a clutch shooter from Mississippi. (I have no notion of where that is. This is a big country.)

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