The Dunking

I got into the dunk contest! It will become officially a press notice tomorrow.

First, I am thanking the fans who voted for me to take part in the All Star dunk contest on February 14. You know that engaging in the weekend is a childhood dream for me.

Second, I am unbelieving that I will take part instead of Russell Westbrook and Joe Alexander. The latter one can touch his nose on the rim. That is jumping springs! And Dime Mag likes Russell Westbrook and has asked for a recount. I am not disagreeing.

But I am in and will give it my best. I wanted Sergio to help me in this contest by throwing me passes, but he has said he will be vacationing instead. For this injustice, I am running a picture of him with a headband on. This is revenge.

Most luckily, my mate Brandon Roy should be at this weekend on the All Star team. If that is so, he has stated he will help me with the passing.

Now it is time for me to work on some dunks. My competition will be fierce!

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  1. Congrats Rudy! You are rapidly becoming a bona-fide fan-favorite here in Portland.


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