The Cap of the Stone Giant

The modesty of our winning streak came to an end this evening at the hands of Yao Ming and his Houston cohorts.

It is a matter of tiresomeness to comment on Yao's gigantic nature, so let me only say this: If a patron filled Yao's cap with nickels and then donated it to you, a change in your tax bracket would loom.

(My own run of 33 games with a three-pointer was also brought to a resolution. Ah well. As Sergio says, "Easy come, and it also goes with ease.")


  1. Don't be triste Rudy. Your neighbors to the north, France, have always had a saying.

    Quand la vie vous donne des citrons, lancez-les a Travis Outlaw.

  2. "When life gives you lemons, throw them at Travis Outlaw"?!

    This is infinitely more sophisticated than "The Pineapple Express" version of the truism: "When life gives you lemons, say '**** it' and bail."

  3. "When life gives you lemons, just say f*** the lemons and bail."
    -- Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  4. I also find it tiresome to comment on Yao's size, I find there is much more comedic value in simply directing others to check out this picture of one of the Monstars, the 'bad guys' from a delightfully ridiculous movie called Space Jam starring the one and only Michael Jordan.
    No esté Rudy triste. Es mejor mirar esta caricatura antes de su próximo juego contra Houston. ¡Pondrá una sonrisa en la cara!


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