Men Speaking Among Themselves

Readers sometimes inquire what my mates and I speak of during our off-hours. There are few surprises; as men, we bandy the expected topics:

Women. Fashion. Hair.

For an instance, spirits were aloft on the trip homeward from Minnesota. Topics bounced among my mates and coaches. Eventually , the discourse swerved to Timberwolves player Mike Miller. And his hair.

Listening to the flying jibes, it was clear that most thought his hairstyle to be somewhere between fanciful and unbecoming.

In protest, I called out, “No, no, European soccer players have worn Miller's styling for the decades. It is bueno!”

The moment of silence that followed taught me this was a shocking statement to those within earshots. (Excepting Sergio and Nic Batum.) But regrets, I have none. For I have personal understanding of the need to keep hair out of the orbs.

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