Contested Changes

There is changing in the line-up for the slam dunk competitiveness. Rudy Gay is mostly injured and cannot participate. So J.R. Smith of the Denver Nuggets is doing the replacing.

No acquaintance has been made between the new dunker and myself. But my mate Jerryd Bayless gave a gasp when he heard this news. He had a reminiscence of J.R. Smith from an earlier NBA slam dunk competition.

"I remember seeing J.R. jump, wrap the ball around his body and he switched hands twice before slamming!" Jerryd enthused.

This is not helpfulness.

I remind Jerryd that his new nickname is "Turtle." This stops his J.R. Smith exultation. 

As for me, while I have seen more intimidating things than Jerryd's description, they are not plentiful.

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