Unexpected Spaniards (& Exponential Dunks)

There are many ties between American and Spanish basketball. Caso en el punto: Wally Szczerbiak. He is Spanish! This may surprise you, given the explosion of consonants in his name. But Señor Szczerbiak was born in Spain.

Another unexpected Spaniard is Rasheed Wallace. The gray-patched Piston is American by birthplace, but he is Spanish in his heart. Witness Wallace’s silky outside shot and the way he avoids lifting weights. And his trash-talking builds to a crescendo like a hot-blooded flamenco.

Observe Señor Wallace below. His britches are odd, but his tricky shot at 1:06 inspires. Perhaps my slam dunking can be incorporated with an outside alley-oop using two balls. First, I will shoot them. Next, I will cartwheel forward and commit double dunking. It will be exponential!

Wait, no cartwheels are allowed by my coach (below). Perhaps somersaulting will suffice? Enough! The secrecies draping my slam dunk ideas will remain in place.

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