Che Guevara's Crossover

Chalupas to the side, feelings of cozy belonging come to me when playing in Portland. As I come to the bench, I can look into crowded faces. They seek out my eyes and smile and wave. This is the goodness.

Natural inclinations are for me to be waving back. This is most true when they have special signs for me. A sign like this one can bring out my laughter. In Spain, we know the icon of Che Guevara. He was both a Communist revolutionary and a caring physician.

That means Che had a good crossover move.

Now comes news of these shirts. It amuses! But I am not in the habit of wearing the béret, and my hair would be of a much curlier nature if long. On the back, the shirt states, "EL EQUIPO UNIDO NUNCA SERÁ VENCIDO." This is a sensible sentiment.

Best of all, the design was made by the same person holding the sign in the crowds. His name is Stephen Robbins. The monetization he receives from these shirts will sponsor his humanitarian internship in Peru. So Che would approve: This is for the non-profit!

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  1. Just don't execute women and children who refuse to join the revolution...and you'll be fine.


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