Dreams of the Boyhood

Seeing the children at Portland games is a reminding of my own dreams of youth. Did you know that as a boy, my thoughts sometimes turned to wearing an army uniform?

In Spain, a branch of armed service is the Ejército de Tierra. It helps protect Spanish islands, and on Majorca, I came to know of its soldiers. These Spanish men-at-arms were of fine quality, and their poise impressed me as emulation-worthy.

Of course, I also wished to be an astronaut. Children have fickleness!

Yet I still have wonderments of what life would possess if a basketball had not rolled into my path. These thinkings returned to me today when Sergio showed me this recruitment from the Ukrainian armed forces.

Sergio has some knowledge of the Ukrainian and he translates as follows. (This site does the concurring.)
Primera Girl: Would you take us for a ride on your BMW?
BMW Owner
: Even to the end of the world!

Soldier: Hey, I’d like to down some liquor, girls. 
Primera Girl: Just a second!
Segunda Girl: Where do you live?
: Right here— daytime at work, and at night in the clubs!

Primera Girl: Which work?
: Contract work, of course.
Girl 3: Contract? Marriage contract or what?
Girl: Army contract, foolish one!
BMW Owner
: Hey, don’t you wanna ride on my car?

Girls: Forget it, take yourself for a ride!
: It’s about time for new heroes. With contract-based service in Ukrainian armed forces!
It is too much— this recruitment ad has inoculated me against my boyhood dream! But enough of the entertainments. Focusing on our road games in Texas is now a priority. (A Final Thought: Is Texas viewed as more or less rustic than the Ukraine?)


  1. Are you like a friend of Rudys or really close? Because how did you know his girlfriend called him about his stubble? I looked at his other blogs and did not see the post he made about "razors edge" and "dreams of boyhood". Thanks I was just wondering :D

  2. I believe this blogger is well-acquainted with the construct of Rudy's public persona (aka, "Phantom" Rudy).

    As to the "real" Rudy, one should be skeptical!


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