The Knight of the Doleful Countenance

We are now tripping the road, and I must share that these tours are a disorder. A problem are the "down times." These are named as such for providing plentiful opportunities for someone to brood. And I am slumping in my shots! (I was 0-5 in my shot attemptings last night in San Antonio.)

On a plane or in the hotels, I take up dwelling in a hut built from unwelcome memories. Each of my missed shots provides new construction. My hut grows.

Nicolas Batum perceived my glumness on the plane, and he wordlessly came and sat next to me. With his laptopping, Nic revealed this image: A computer wallpaper of Sergio:
Seeing it, and glancing at Nic’s expectant smiling, a chuckle came from me. Sergio sensed our commotions and approached. He grinned at our revelry and then found MY wallpapers on Nic's laptopping. Oh, there was chortling until the eye juices flowed!
Truly, Sergio and the silent Frenchman are good mates! (For myself, I must be hanging toughly and remembering Basketball Rule #2).

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  1. Rudy, cuando yo estoy desanimado, leo tu blog para contentarme.


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