Una Atrevida Predicción

A moment of the lightness: In recent times, I spied the uninhabited costume of the mascot Blaze. A spirit of impulsivity seized me! Donning the not-very-legendary cat’s head, I prowled the chamber of lockers. Who would be victimized? Seeing that Greg Oden was engaged in an interview, I made a pounce!

(Or perhaps it was a cavort?)

Sensing my faux-feline presence, Greg turned. And unblinkingly, the ebon giant intoned to the reportero:

The spirit that I have seen
May be a Spanish devil: and the devil hath power
To assume Blaze’s shape; yea, and perhaps
To constitute as my interview’s distraction
He seeks to abuse my good nature.
But to answer the question, the playoff’s the thing
Wherein I’ll engage in my most forceful dunking.”

Based on this, I now make a bold prediction: Greg will extemporize better than any other NBA center during the playoffs!
Hot tip from Dave Knows;
image courtesy of Casey Holdahl;
foto credit to JT

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  1. lol rudy your awesome!:) keep up the great job! us portland fans love you!:) GO Blazers!


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