Plasma-Soaked Gauze Imprisoned in Time

Felicitaciones y muchas gracias a Brucy Ely and Thomas Boyd of the Oregonian. Their incredible fotos from last evening's game imprison many seminal moments.

For an instance, here we see Chris Andersen realizing his team has no more life than the plasma-soaked gauze in his nostril. He can also see I have recovered from when he embossed my face with the word “Spalding”! (See “When Weak Sauce Meets Ink and Lank.”)

And perhaps he knows it is time to obtain butcher paper from Jose Calderon’s pig ranch to enshroud his teammates with. For they were mere dribbling carcasses at this point. (Please pardon my ungentlemanly attitudes. Yet in the case of Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets, all jibes are most richly deserved!)

Adición: El periodista Jason Quick observed me eating brownies and dancing. Then he wrote of it.


  1. Okay, so who is actually responsible for the writing on this blog?

    All told, good stuff, but I wasn't aware that your english was this solid, Rudy!

  2. Consult Rudy's "Meritorious Volumes" for hints as to the blog's authorship!


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