Playing Nip and Tuck with a Crested Newt

Defenders of Brandon Roy, from the Thunder’s Jeff Green (left) to Ron Artest and Shane Battier, learn to shrink from his legerdemain!

And so it was in our push-me/pull-you playoff match with Houston. There was nipping. And further, there was tucking! The Rockets took the lead, but the super-adequate play of Brandon (42 puntos) enabled a a nip-tuck reversal. This finally enabled us to tuck the Rockets in for the night!

Brandon relentlessly drove his undersized vehicle at Yao Ming, who is the basketball equivalent of an 18-wheeler. (As for me, I pushed in the clutch for two free-throws in the match’s waning moments.)

Regarding our opponents: Von Wafer may have the appearance of a crested newt, but he plays with a combination of tangy ferocity and light airiness.

It’s almost as if Von Wafer has something to prove. As a former Trail Blazer, perhaps he has a cracker (or other chip) on his shoulder?
Brandon Roy foto by the Oregonian,
Von Wafer from Intentional Foul.

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