Beware Yao’s Snuffbox

“He has the biggest thighs I’ve ever seen on a human.”

So said Greg Oden when asked about playing Yao. I, too, have previously marveled (Cap of the Stone Giant) at the scale of Yao’s pale frame. There are other anatomical marvels that Yao displays, ALL more gargantuan then those on any member of our species that I have seen.

On the court, I take pains to avoid Yao’s colossal ginglymus (inner elbow). He nearly concussed me with it in our last match! And in the above foto, Yao points to his mighty glabella (the area between his eyebrows) in an attempt to intimidate his foes.

While Yao’s coccyx is also fearsome, his secret weapon is the bottomless pit that is his anatomical snuffbox: An unnamed rookie guard fell into the Chinese giant’s snuffbox in the preseason and has not been sighted since!
Yao from basketbawful.

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