Señor Tambourine Man

Channing Frye jokingly names me a “rock star.” This is, in partiality, a reference to my prodigious skills playing Guitar Hero. But yesterday, I took a stage to play music for cheering supplicants in the reality!

When I learned my mates and I would visit a local rallying for the team, I did not give it much consideration. The people wish to sprinkle honorifics on us? A kind gesture!

But limiting one’s expectations of Portland fans is a mistake. As the bus pulled up, our eyes grew wide. This was no rally; it was a popular movement! Were there 30,000 amidst the cheering throngs? Perhaps!

When my time came to approach the crowdings, my mind blanked. A tambourine was proffered to me, and I happily accepted it. Tapping rhythmically upon the percussion instrument, I took the stage. 

My Guitar Hero antics never yielded such excellent spectator histrionics! What excesses will Portland fans indulge in if we achieve victories in our first-round matchings with Houston? I wish to learn firsthand!

But most remarkable was the adulation my shoes received. They are composed of rubber, leather, foam, and plastics. Gaze upon them in wonder, mortals!
Crowd foto from the Oregonian
Rudy from Twitter's pdxtrailblazers,
Rudy’s shoes from Trail Blazers Center Court.

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