Scarves, Swag, and Other Accessories

I see myself on the court as a cross-eyed optimist. If there is an error in my play, no matter! I will continue to strive. Or perhaps I will see if the referees are amenable to placing the blame on an opposing player.

My mates feel similarly, as the Spurs learned yesterday from our second comeback performance in as many nights. Truly, we played minutes and left things on the court!

Where does our can-do-it ability derive? At Center Court is an exploration of what is known as the Trail Blazers' “swagger.” This is the physical manifestations of a player's confident attitude, born from skills and the moxiness.

Or perhaps not— until this day, I had no ideas what swaggerliness was comprised of! LaMarcus Aldridge is cited as one who brims with the swagging. And Brandon Roy pinponts Sergio as a mate who derives a swaggerly nature from wearing “little tight jackets.” Unfair! As this foto of El Chacho with Spanish Embassy communications specialist Alfonso Aramendia shows, his jacket tailoring is not unseemly.

Even so, I believe Sergio's imaginary jacket swag could benefit from the accessorizing! (And regarding sartorial crimes, there are those who make even Steve Blake look like a fashionisto!)

Spurs foto from the Oregonian,
Sergio and Rudy by
Alfonso Aramendia,
Sczcerbiak by Basketbawful.

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