An Exploration of Merriment!

A hundred feet above the court in our home pavilion hangs a giant screen. This is where spectators can see action-related replayings and view various exhortations.

The screen also features short films, such as “Quiz-the-Blazer.” In a recent quizzing, this photo (left) was shown to Blazer individuals, and we were asked: “Who is he?”

I later learned that all my mates but Nic Batum and Sergio knew of this man’s identity. But I was stumping… until I thought I saw a familiarity behind the bow-tie and tight jacket!

“Sergio Rodriguez?” I guessed.

It was not the proper answer, as I learned when this was shown on the pavilion's screen and the crowd guffawed robustly. He is “Pee Wee Herman”? Very well, I will take your wordings for it. (It is most difficult to concentrate in the huddle while spectators enjoy such entertainments!)

Adicíon: In 2007, Nike released a “Fallen Heroes” series of shoes, including ones dedicated to Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, and... Pee Wee Herman! (I possess little comprehension of the insole design of his zapatos, however.)
Hot tip from Dave Knows,
Sergio from the Oregonian,
Pee Wee’s kicks from kicksonfire.


  1. Love this faux-blog. Always good for a laugh. "The Pressure of the Chalupa" was - dare I say it? - epic.

  2. I agree with David. This blog is amazing, thank you (whoever you may be) for taking the time to amuse us.

    It is most definately NOT weak sauce.

  3. "En esta vida, el que resiste, gana".

    It must be tough, anyway, to sit or not get shots when you are hot, or, like Sergio, become a sudden spectator come playoff time. Life and coaches pass, be patient, every basket aficionado sees your skill on the court.


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