Lavado Verde en las Grandes Ligas

After trailing most of last night's match opposing the Memphis Grizzlies, we enjoyed a stirring, resurgent victory. This fueled my dinner conversation with Sergio afterwards.

Sergio: You had a most efficient match, my friend. Your 15 points corresponded to the 15 minutes you were on the court!
Myself (with modest pride): You played well also. No turnovers! We are truly sustainable additions to the team offense.
Sergio: Speaking of the sustainability, have you heard about the NBA's fantastic “NBA Green” celebrations? It is a revelry of environmental maneuvers in respect for Earth Day.
Myself (enthused): Most praiseworthy! How will do these green practices manifest themselves?
Sergio: The NBA made custom organic cotton uniforms and T-shirts for us to wear.
Myself: I noticed! 
Sergio: But we will only wear them for a week.
Myself: A disappointment! There must be other steps, however?
Sergio: Yes. The New Orleans Hornets gave free parking to fans with four or more people pooled in a car.
Myself: This is to the good! How many were able to take advantage of this?
Sergio: Only the first 100 fans arriving to the arena received the discount.
Myself: In an arena that seats…?
Sergio: Thousands.
Myself: Still, it is a commendable notion. Have other teams replicated the idea?
Sergio (checking the laptopping): Hmmm… no.
Myself: But surely you have noticed some of our mates engaging in friendliness to the environment?
Sergio (brightly): Channing Frye can ride light rail to the Rose Garden arena from his condo!
Myself: Has he ever done so?
Sergio: I suppose not. (Sighing.) In a topic changing, did you see those new El Chacho T-shirt designs?
Myself: ¡Felicidades! Are your tribute shirts made from organic cotton?
Sergio: No sé... But anyway, it was a good match tonight. And now, see the time! We must—
Myself: Get on Paul Allen’s privately chartered jet to fly to a luxury hotel flooded with conditioned airs. There we will play millionaire opponents who drove to the arena in Escalades and Hummers. And they will not count a single Greenpeace member among themselves!
Sergio: Check, please!
Rudy foto by Lance Murphey,
El Chacho from Black Squirrel;
El Conquistador also available!


  1. Rudy, you are a gentleman and a scholar!

    Thanks for putting my designs up there (as proprietor and designer at Black Squrriel). It means a lot.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. This is some funny stuff. I gotta' say, you are definitely the man Rudy. You're one of those guys where, should you show up and begin seducing my girlfriend, I'd have no choice but to say, "Go ahead honey. It's Rudy freaking Fernandez!" (It doesn't help that she's already partial to Spaniards). Keep up the good work.

    By the way, I've watched the youtube clip of you scoring 5 points in 3 seconds about a hundred times. It never gets old.


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