Rudy Is Excited

You see what occurs when Rudy is excited? He refers to himself in the third-person! This linguistic distancing occurs because visions of the season to come leave no room in my head for these energies and...myself!

(Sergio does the same. After utilizing the third-person improperly, he spontaneously cloned himself! [above].)

Rudy received grieving over his third-person habit after a local paper reported this statement of his:

Rudy is not everyday a shooter. He’s defense. He’s passes. He’s assists.”

Ah, I can now revert to the sweet first-person! My smiles at the English naïveté I displayed with the above quote come easily now. Yet, the purity of its sentiments remain! My steals ensure that other players do not dribble with impunity nearby. And even now as I write this blogging, my imaginings consist of three-point hail storms and alley oops on opposing oppositions.

Although Sergio found this video of Wálter Herrmann of the Detroit Pistons seemingly ejecting a basketball from la bóveda de su recto, the distraction proved fleeting for Rudy. (You see? The Denver Nuggets and ensuing playoffs cannot arrive at a punctual enough pace!)
Sergio-clone foto derived from 
unknown Blazers Edge user;
Rudy foto from the Oregonian.

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