Kissing and Putting on the Make-Up

Feeling unwanted is not a familiar companion to me. But while my mates and I debate who we wish to be pitted against in the playing-offs, our recent successes suggest that no other team wants us.

The sensation of unwantedness was never so welcome!

One thing that I do not want are further queries on the Ariza/Fernández Conflict. I have entirely rid my mind of all dregs regarding it. But it is true that I am reminded of my injuries when I snore or my back commences to spasm.

But I choose not to dwell on the manner in which Ariza’s flagrante falta caused my bones, organs, muscles, tendons, tissues, nerves, ligaments, discs, cartilages, and joints to be compressed, dislocated, separated, bruised, contused, abrased, torn, wrenched, swollen, strained, sprained, and inflamed.

It is of no consequence!

Tonight is our first rematch with Pau Gasol and his Lakers since the night I was wheeled from our home pavilion in a stretcher. Will Trevor Ariza be affable? If so, I will return the sentiment in the spirit it is offered. But as for the “kissing and putting on the make-up” concept that Americans have, we shall see. (Perhaps I will have more later on this topic!)
Rudy foto from the Oregonian,
Ramunas Siskauskas & Yao Ming
from elsewhere on the Interwebbings.


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