Mi Diagnóstico

Many have asked how I am. To bound the description in a nutshell, it is as if all of my bones, organs, muscles, tendons, tissues, nerves, veins, arteries, ligaments, discs, cartilages, and joints were fractured, broken, ruptured, punctured, compressed, dislocated, separated, bruised, contused, narrowed, abrased, lacerated, burned, cut, torn, wrenched, swollen, strained, sprained, and inflamed.

But other than that, I am fine.

While I am naturally pleased to have no broken nothing, I was bemused to be asked this question by a reporter: “What went through your mind when you were fouled?”

My response: “In my mind was pain.” What else?

Another memorable question came during a phone call from un profesor de historia at Lewis and Clark College. He asked for my thoughts on similarities between the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas and the Ariza/Fernández Conflict of 2009.

I thought he joked, but as we concluded the interview 90 minutes later, I comprehended both the Spanish Empire and the NBA much more clearly! (Finally, I took from the field an assortment of questions at Deceptively Quick. Peruse these and enjoy.)


  1. Get well soon, Rudy!

  2. El Conquistador!
    El Tronador!
    El Matador!

  3. You're a baller Rudy...enjoyed watching you in the Olympics. I'm a Lakers Fan but everyone I know in LA wanted the best for you after that incident and are glad you're back on the court. I'm sure we'll see you speeding through our defense again tonight!


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