¡Ay Qué Martes Mas Profundos¡

The team hit a roughened patch last night against the 76ers. Our overtime loss in the match causes cloud of disgruntlementitude to descend. Yet even as I take stock of it, a smile touches my lips.

¿Por qué? Am I remembering one of Sergio’s hoaxes or the manners in which Greg Oden devours the postgame buffet? No. I am recalling how I scored 8 points in 43 seconds! (Further, I had 11 points in two minutes.) It was to the good, including a steal, slam-dunkage, and a four-point play. How the crowd gave responses! The “Ru-dy” chanting was heard for the first time since the Ariza/Fernández Conflict.

So it is a Tuesday most profound that allows me bottomless regrets and enjoyments in equal measure. Now, on to unlock new songs on Guitar Hero!
(Rudy shot from the Oregonian, aquí).


  1. Rudy: When you scored 8 points in 40 seconds, I thought we would win the game. You are an awesome dude. I call you El Machetero. I hope you can introduce Trevor Ariza to your machete. - Elgin

  2. You had a spectacular game last night Rudy!! I was so excited for you and even more excited to watch you and Sergio playing so great together again!
    ¡Mantenga esa sonrisa en la cara, parece bueno en usted!

  3. lástima que al final el sistema de juego sea programa, programa, programa.

    no aprovechar la racha de un jugador caliente es un crimen de leso baloncesto ¿o tan solo un ataque de celos?

  4. hey rudy. just a side question. do you have a facebook account. i'm getting the feeling that the rudy on there isn't you.

  5. You're right! The Rudy on Facebook is NOT the Rudy on Hypothetical Rudy.

  6. that was an awesome game, you guys should have won!
    it was so so so close.
    but you guys are still gonna make playoffs, im looking forward to that :)

  7. Oy Rudy, how come you do not play with confidence in every game. If you step up the way you did in that game, every game, the team would really benefit. Roy and Aldridge are awesome, but they need to know that you can step up when needed. Play with more heart, you can be better than both of them. We all saw what you did at the Olympics.

    P.S. if Roy gave you the ball on the second to last possession, the game would have been tied. You need to demand the ball.


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